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Scented candles

handmade from natural soy wax. The handcrafted production process guarantees that each product has been created with passion and attention to the smallest detail. A wooden wick that crackles like a glowing wood, combined with an intense and pleasant fragrance, will bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home.

Close your eyes and feel the enveloping scent, let yourself be carried away by the soothing sounds of dancing sparks...


The highest quality natural soy wax is used for production, which is distinguished by a long burning time and is fully biodegradable.


Soy wax fully brings out depth of the scent. Our distinctive fragrances will bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home and their beautiful accords will bring you back the most precious childhood and first love memories or other special moments.


Black, matte finish glass, printed logo, unique shape… All these details will make the candle an exceptional and elegant decorative accessory to your interior.